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    Hello I am now on day 2 of my first Prolon cycle. Over the past 12 months I have become more interested in intermittent fasting and have done a couple of 24 hour fasts. Finally I have plucked up courage to do a longer five day fast and at least for this first five day fast Prolon seems an easier and more accompanied way of approaching it. In general I already have a reasonably healthy lifestyle - am a healthy weight, eat reasonably healthy diet and physically active. My interest in fasting is for health benefits and hopefully help with some small eczema/allergy issues but not weight loss.

    Day I

    Unfortunately I woke up starving so not a good start! I certainly felt low energy today (which is not at all like me) and I actually needed a 30 minute snooze late afternoon. As day 1 was a Saturday I didn't need to concentrate for work and struggle to think how I would manage like this if I was working today. I did question whether I will be able to keep this up for five days. I also had a headache arrive mid afternoon. However after the snooze, a paracetamol and the dinner I was fine again.

    In terms of the food the breakfast nut bar was nice; so was the lunch soup and kale crackers; not so keen of the evening soup. I did find the portions very small but I suppose that's only to be expected (and better than only water).

    Was slightly nervous that this is only day one and the next two are supposed to be more difficult.

    Day 2

    Slept a solid eight hours which was great - I'm not always a great sleeper

    Woke up not so hungry as yesterday.

    Today has been a lot easier. Although there are moments that I have felt hungry and I instinctively go to the kitchen to get some nuts or fruit before realising they're off limits for another four days (aaaagh), my energy level was much better. Not quite at normal levels but not bad.

    No headache so far today.

    Feeling much more motivated today, knowing that I now have one full day behind me.

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    Day 3
    Had a broken nights sleep.
    Today was tough. I felt hungry and weak all day.I am still working but found myself feeling quite spaced out. I really missed not having a nut bar as a snack and no chocolate bar with dinner. On all three days so far mid to late afternoon have been the worst times. No more headaches after the one day one though.
    Oh and I read that I can have one coffee. That was my major lift of the day!

    I tried to keep thinking ahead and the fact I was nearer the end than the beginning. This helped keep my flagging spirits up

    Day 4
    Also a broken nights sleep

    Today was much easier. I actually saved the nutbar until lunch so not eating anything until mid day. Then I had the nutbar, soup, olives and my one permitted coffee. Felt very good after that.
    I had one appointment this afternoon and felt very good.
    Mid afternoon today was good and the first day since starting the fast that I didn't hit a down at this time.
    Overall I haven't been feeling weak like I did on the other days. I have had some small hunger pangs but they are not like on days 1 - 3 and they pass pretty quick.
    I suppose I must be ought to be moving into ketosis now and it feels like it, but when I test with a urine test strip I am not noticing any change. Yet if I listen to my body there is a definite shift.

    Suddenly this feels a lot more manageable
    Roll on day 5 and last day!


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      Let us know how you feel after completing your final day

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    Testing is a common question, in short there are different ways to measure ketosis. You can test urine for ketone levels using testing strips however, urine ketone testing is not as accurate as blood ketone testing as the levels of ketones in the urine will usually only reflect a level of up to a few hours previously.
    Blood ketone testing can be performed using the same method as testing blood glucose levels (commonly used by people with diabetes). Generally this requires a small hand-held monitoring device which is readily available online.

    That said, there are some reagent strips that measure both pH and ketones on the same strip – See here –
    Although it’s a bit more difficult to achieve total accuracy using this method its important to also use other markers to assess the overall effect such as sleep, concentration levels, clearer skin.


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      Always good to check in on the hydration levels when experiencing headaches, as this can often be an easy common fix