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  • Waiting to start 3rd round

    I've used Prolon twice and achieved the magic 5lb weight loss both times. The first time the discipline stayed with me and the weight didn't come back; the second time I wasn't so good and I got back where I'd started. I'm going to try it again and hope to be more disciplined afterwards.

    What I'd ask for is for you to issue what would in effect be a second product: a two-day diet that could become a more regular part of life. The full 5 days is a big intervention and I'd appreciate something less dramatic to help things along in the meantime. It sounds as if there's plenty of science to back that up. Yes I know you can do it by sensible eating but my will power isn't perfect and I need something more formal...

    One quick note for people who complain of headaches when they start: for me that's always a matter of caffeine withdrawal. Taper off coffee and tea the week before and this becomes much easier

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    Hey John, Great tips for headaches - actually this may also apply to your food or nutrient intake - a preparatory phase the week before your 5 day intervention. Changing the way you even think about food perhaps. Professor Longo talks about this and the transitional phases in his book The Longevity Diet. I can recommend it! He speaks about how ingredients aren't just food but actually molecules that are capable of remarkable changes in the body. Some ancient teachings say the the gateway between the mind and the body is the breath. Combining mindful breathing through Yoga or Tai Chi practice helps discipline the mind and intentions creating a pathway to new possibilities. When the mind is set the body follows...


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      I only drink coffee 2-3 times a week, yet I nearly always get a headache on day two. I love your idea of a two-day Prolon diet. I'm on my second round of Prolon. The first time I lost a total of 10 pounds after eight days. I really didn't want to go back to eating junk and ate really healthy for the first week or so after finishing up. But I confess that the week leading up to my second round I had lots of cheat meals.