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Could you gain fat and loose muscle after 2 days?

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  • Could you gain fat and loose muscle after 2 days?

    I was expecting my fat to go down and my muscle mass decrease marginally weighing myself on the morning of the 3rd day... I'm using bodytrex to track myself.
    I have lost 0.4kg in the 2 days, but less muscle and more fat at the moment. Fat was last Thursday 30.5 started the diet on Saturday and now its 31.5% mainly visceral fat according to this measuring technology.
    is this possible?

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    Just to add
    green = body fat
    black= muscle mass
    Orange= visceral fat
    Red= body weight

    day 1 was easy for me. There was enough portions to spread out, so I could have something every couple of hours.

    day 2 was also manageable. Mind you the first day I have put too much water (like double at least) on the soup hoping it would fill me up, so that made it tasteless. So on the 2nd day I only added a little extra to what was recommended... time passed by and I didn't check on it and half of it burnt to the bottom of the pan by the time I went to the kitchen... so I'm guessing I only had half the calories of that soup.

    day 3 I was feeling faint for half of the day, not in the morning though. I went to a physio led reformer pilates class (I have some tendonitid) in the morning, so that I guess didn't help.

    day 4, I woke up feeling even more faint. Had some of the drink and a bit of the l-bar and feel slightly better. Today will be a better day I'm hoping, as there are more smaller snacks to spread throughout the day. I love the taste of those crackers, but it was hard to spread the food out throughout the day.
    I'm hoping I'll get this mental clarity today I read most people experience.

    Another note... just as a feedback, I know this diet is expansive and you guys are trying to make it look expansive, but there is soooooo much packaging. Maybe there would be a way to cut down on it? Put things into a reusable gym bag or something. Also to put the daily food into some form of paper bag? Also the big prolon box gets delivered in another box, so there are 2 big boxes for starters, at least one of them should go I think.


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      So I have done the last day yesterday. Here is my update.
      the rest of day 4 was ok. By the time I got half way through the meals I wasn't that faint anymore and by the evening I wasn't as hungry as the previous days. I was tired though.

      day 5. There was none of the faintness I had in the morning on day 4. However, I went out and had the 1 coffee allowed and I did get very jittery.... so be advised, best not have that coffee at all or have some of the meals first!!! So I didn't get faint for the rest of the day either, but I was hungry albeit not as much as any of the previous days.
      I think my heart was beating faster during the day, for me this was no issue as I don't have heart problems, but I think the warnings about cardiovascular health and diabetes should be taken seriously. Get advise and for sure don't be by yourself at any stage, if you do embark on it with serious issues.

      Overall, it takes willpower, a LOT of motivation and its hard. I wanted to do it for my health, weightloss. At times what kept me going was, that I paid good money for it and was determined to get though it, so the money is not wasted.

      So here are the results!
      I'm a 40.5 year old white female and I stand at 178cm .
      I'll type in some of the stats then I'll attach the screenshots from the bodytrex machine.
      I used the machine last Thursday and started the diet on Saturday, so yesterday was the last day and my results are exactly a week on from last Thursday. I have tried to do things the same way. I had a very light breakfast and weight myself after pilates. That other result I have posted on Monday was before the pilates weather it makes a difference or not I'm not sure. But i have tried to make the circumstances as equal as possible to last Thursday this time around.

      I'll post last Thursdays value first, then this mornings.

      weight 77.5kg-75kg 2.5kg loss
      Body fat 23.6kg-23.3 1.3kg loss
      muscle mass 51.2kg 51.0kg 1.2kg loss
      visceral fat 4cc-4cc
      Basic metabolic rate 1602- 1565kcal drop of 37kcal
      metabolic age 38-36 drop of 2 years
      Body fat % 30.5%-29.7% down 0.8%
      BMI 24.5- 23.7 down 0.8

      So my sorry is here that I lost about the same amount of fat as muscle, but we will see how I bounce back from it.


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        Whoops those are this mornings pics... my brain is fuzzy lol...
        So I have miss typed 2 values as well... sorry!
        My body fat 23.6kg-22.3 1.3kg loss
        muscle mass 51.2-50 kg... down 1.2 kg
        For some reason I can't upload the other pictures..... I'll try to make it smaller somehow, but most of my original values can be seen on the vectors from Monday anyways.