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Can I start the second cycle two weeks after the first?

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  • Can I start the second cycle two weeks after the first?

    I just finished my first cycle of Prolon and was planning on starting my second in 25 days. It seems now that I have an upcoming trip in 3 weeks and it might be a fairly long one. Would it be ok if I start my second cycle in two weeks due the conflict of dates?

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    Hi James, I would recommend leaving around 25-30 days between consecutive monthly cycles, but it really depends upon what your goals are?
    Professor Valter Longo recommends a protocol of quarterly intervals for optimum health maintenance.


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      Hello, my goals are weight loss and also reduction of LDL.

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    Best to qualify your aims further - How much weight are you looking to lose and over what timescale - The translational research studies demonstrated three consecutive cycles with 20 days in-between showing reduced levels of total cholesterol, body weight and waist circumference