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Taking Prolon while being thin

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  • Taking Prolon while being thin

    Hi! Im about to start my first round. Im very interested in the "reset" part of the benefits and everything related to antiaging and cancer protection. I have had issues with insuline resistance in the past too so Im also curious about what this will do to my (not great) relationship with sugar (I am a very athipical person with PCOS, thin no acne but with crazy sugar cravings despite eating healthy). I dont take any kind of medication.
    My question is about weight. My BMI is 19,4 so losing weight is not a goal here but I have reading and it seems everyone is loosing a great deal of weight and I worry this may lower my BMI below 18,5 and therefore leaving me in the "underweight" cathegory with would probably mess up with my period.
    The health assestment just asks if you are below 18,5 but I was just wondering. Should I make a bit of an effort and eat a bit more before doing the programme to increase my BMI or the weight i loose will come back easily to put me in a healthy number again?

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    Hi Julia,
    BMI is a scientific calculation of height to weight ratio but is not necessarily an accurate barometer of health status.
    Hip to waist ratio is a better calculation as is the distribution of fat around the body which can be measured using a bio electrical device which most gyms may have. Its important to maintain a balanced intake of macro nutrients and exercise for healthy body balance which includes essential fats and plant based protein. That said, I believe you may benefit from a more comprehensive assessment given your symptoms around insulin resistance and PCOS. I can recommend consulting with a qualified nutritional therapist who had experience with ProLon and women's health (which I can provide directly via to give you further support.